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Learn about cemeteries at school

This year, I thought I should learn more about how to manage a cemetery. I looked online for a course I could take, and found this: Introduction to Sustainable Cemetery Management. (This page says the course number is 499, but it’s actually 199; here’s the syllabus).

The course is taught by Cynthia Beal, who owns two cemeteries herself, and who also founded the Natural Burial Company. The company concentrates on sourcing, selling, and advocating the use of biodegradable containers for bodies and cremains.

The funeral business is changing rapidly, and taking Cynthia’s course is one way to start to get a leg up on a lot of what’s going on. Though the course offers college credit, it is available to those, like me, who are merely interested in the topic, and aren’t looking for the credits.

Taking the class while teaching last fall (as well as developing a new book imprint, Word Posse, with my writers group), took up most of my time and is why Cemetery Chick has been neglected for a couple of months. But now that this course is finished, and Word Posse is launched, it’s time for me to get back to the business of keeping this page going and distributing fun, useful, and just plain interesting information to netizens like you.

Cemeteries have always been about the past, but now they need to encompass the future, too. There’s so much going on, and as the new year dawns, it will be a good time to start making some of it go on here.