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Ever wonder what’s flapping about the local cemetery at night?  Wildlife biologists have been studying the animals that use cemeteries for shelter and food, and some of that wildlife is nocturnal.  As in bats.  Interesting story from NPR that features Bellefontaine Cemetery here in St. Louis.

Bats in Bellefontaine

And did those feet…?

If you’ve ever watched Monty Python, you’ve likely seen at least one sketch where the guys launch into a rendition of Jerusalem.

And did those feet, in ancient times / Walk upon England’s mountains green? (listen here)

IMG_2219aThose are the words of William Blake (1757-1827), poet and painter.  I had no idea our last trip to London would feature Blake on two consecutive days.  On one day, we visited a cemetery and there, near the center, was a marker for Blake and his wife.

The next day, we visited Tate Britain, and found they had an entire room of his works.  Forty-three of his paintings are on display, including one titled The House of Death.

Though the marker doesn’t actually denote Blake’s burial spot (the marker having been moved in the 60s), you can still visit the marker in Bunhill Fields Burial Ground and know you’re within a few yards of the poet’s last resting place. Closest Tube stop, Old Street on the Northern Line.