Bury me by the dollar store

When someone sees what they consider “prime” land for a shopping mall, they often let very little stand in their way. But sometimes, developers do not get exactly what they want.  According to the story, the farmer who owned this land specified he’d sell — but the dead in the Tullahassee Creek Indian Cemetery had to remain where they are.

And so they are still there.

Their final resting place was restored in the 1980s and has remained fairly well maintained, though there are some broken stones.  About 42 graves are located in the cemetery; the most recent dates from 1912.

If you visit Atwood Plaza in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, you can go to the Family Dollar and/or the Radio Shack, visit the ATM in the parking lot, and stop by the cemetery.  But if you think you are visiting the only cemetery located in a parking lot, you would be wrong.  Several others have been documented, and you can see some of them on this site.


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