Waving to Lady Liberty

Last Friday, we visited Green-Wood Cemetery, a 478-acre cemetery in Brooklyn.  It was founded in 1838 and, within thirty years, became a significant tourist attraction.  I could spend days there looking at all the various angels and columns and interesting inscriptions.  As it was, we had only about 1 1/2 hours, so we couldn’t see much.

Besides tours of the cemetery, other events, such as plays, are offered there.  While we were in New York, the weather was rainy enough in the evenings that the productions were canceled.  And what play were they offering at Green-Wood last week?  If you guessed Our Town, you were right.

Sadly, the rain and clouds meant the morning we were there was hazy and overcast, so our pictures are not that impressive.  Tempus fugit, and so does good light and propitious weather for the photographer.

If you have time while you are in New York to visit Green-Wood Cemetery, I would highly recommend it.  Spend more than 1 1/2 hours there if you can — it’s beautiful, even on a dreary overcast day.  And sweetly, many of the sculptures face northwest so that they, like this little angel, can spend eternity with an unobstructed view of Lower Manhattan, including the Statue of Liberty.