To be unique like everyone else

The National Funeral Directors Association states on their website that baby boomers see funerals as “a valuable part of the grieving process and are seeking ways to make them meaningful.”  And unique: everyone these days wants to be an individual in death as much as they were in life.

Personally, I like that.  While I can appreciate the regimented order of a military cemetery, the haphazard spread of markers of different materials, fonts, and symbols is much more interesting, and much more inviting.  This particular marker, in a cemetery in Arrowtown on the South Island of New Zealand, shows a lovely uniqueness.  I’ve never seen a marker of this particular green stone, and the way it has been left rough is quite attractive.

I’m not a baby boomer, but I have a preference for uniqueness as well.  What about you?  What sort of marker would you prefer (assuming you want one at all)?


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