Old Jewish Quarter, Prague

While we were in Prague in 2007, my mother, husband, and I hired a tour guide for an afternoon to take us around what used to be the Jewish Quarter.  One of the oddest things our guide said to us (and she said some odd things), was “Oh, so you don’t want to see the interesting parts of Prague, then.”

That aside, she was definitely very knowledgeable and shared far more information with us than we could absorb in three hours.

We visited the Old Jewish Cemetery, several buildings that used to be synagogues (including the one where, according to legend, the infamous golem of Jewish folklore remains as a pile of clay in the attic), and the Jewish Museum.  One of the buildings we visited was the Pinkas Synagogue, where artwork created by the children in the Terezin camp is displayed.  The art was hidden and survived the war.  Most of the children did not.

If you’re ever in Prague, I recommend hiring a guide and touring this area of the city.  It’s fascinating, it’s educational, it’s tragic, and you’ll never forget it.

Jewish Cemetary 051607

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